Trafalgar Sports Bar and SPCA join hands to help save animal

Do you love animals? Have you ever see those homeless  animal that need foods and shelter?If you love animals the way we do ,and want to help out the local animal shelter,but you can’t adopt a pet or you don’t know what to donate? Don’t worry because Trafalgar cares for animals too.

For every pint of Golden Mushroom we sold, we commit to donate HK$10 to SPCA. To help save the life of an animal.

SPCA saves thousands of animals every year,most of them are sick or injured. And, through Trafalgar Sports Bar commitment, you are rest assured that while you get drunk you also get to help. Whatever you donate,you are at the heart of the pets at SPCA. Your compassion and support is awe-inspiring.

This act of donation is available in all 3 branches of Trafalgar Sports Bar. You can avail the Golden Mushroom beer even at happy hour. Visit our place soon !

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