Safer Pub Trafalgar

Ten Points for a Safer Pub Environment

This is a hugely challenging time for our pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars and some of us don’t dare think about what the landscape will look like when the new normal arrives.

However, love them or otherwise, Trafalgar has come up with a few positive pointers to help others cope alongside their strategy which they want to share with the beer community. It won’t work for everyone – staffing levels might have to rise and considerable investments made at a time when funds are tight to non-existent – but we hope their message helps:

“Although the future for hospitality businesses is incredibly uncertain, we remain very optimistic that customers will soon crave the social interaction and escapism of visiting pubs, bars and restaurants.

“With that in mind, whilst we eagerly await official guidance from the Government, our bars teams have been working on various proposals which we think will help welcome customers back in to our bars when it is safe to do so, and offer them an environment where they can feel relaxed and safe.

“We have highlighted ten key initiatives that we think will help us to do that.

1 Contact less ordering via our food delivery service like Food Panda, UberEats and Deliveroo.

2 Staff wearing face masks and gloves at all times.

3 Easily accessible sanitizer stations for all.

4 Clearly visible social distancing signage and guidelines.

5 Amended furniture layouts to create appropriate space.

6 Staff monitoring capacity continually.

7 Cashless payment only, via app or card payment.

8 Single use menus.

9 Physical table screens available on request.

10 Surface cleaning every 15 minutes.

“We at Trafalgar believe that beer can bring people together during periods of real adversity, and when things back again our customers will continue to visit us to enjoy a well-deserved pint, we will ensure that they will have a clean and safe pub environment.”