CENA – Shui Wei Menu

Sick and tired of cheap mud water like coffee from group chain ?Looking a good quality coffee made by a real barista with heart and soul ?

Look no further, #CENA, your neighbor coffee shop has just landed in Shui Wei. A cozy, friendly cafe that serves hearty western foods with excellent value and extremely tasty dishes that you have been craving for.

Drop by and get your caffeine top up for as low as 18 Yuan. With our coffee blended by our Master Barista James Bradshaw using 50/50 of Arabica and Robusta beans offering you one of the best coffee in Shenzhen.

You’re not a coffee person? we also offer a large selection of premium tea from Ahmad Tea London. Outdoor seating is available shall you want to sit under the sun and read a book or light a cigarette, foods are served all day and delivery also available from Mei Tuan. Check our Facebook page for more details.