Billiard Bar

Trafalgar Billiard Tournament 2017

Are you a Billiard player ? Do you have the guts to compete to be the billiard bar POOL KING of Trafalgar?

Everybody is welcome to spend his/her happy hours at Trafalgar , or better yet give it a shot on our challenge tables, only the winner gets to stay. Projector and large screen TVs are also ready for those who wants to watch live sports of the day. It’s also a great way to meet new people and see the talent of the other billiard bar players in town. Every billiard player loves a challenge, and a well run tournament may even the odds for beginners.

Come Eat, Drink, Play at Trafalgar Sports Bar. Show off your billiard playing skills for a chance to win some cold, hard cash as much as $2000 hkd ! We will be using the Official Game Mechanic for 8-Ball. Participants must register with the cashier at the bar . Entry fee would be $100 hkd per person. Sign up for this great event. For more info, visit us at Trafalgar or call us at 2110 1535